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plezi loves its clients

Our success comes from the success of our clients

We only truly understand the impact of our platform when we hear feedback from our successful clients, who have managed to increase their lead generation by an average of 256% in less than a year with Plezi. Not only is it proof that our tools and systems are effective but also provides us with invaluable knowledge to continually grow and enhance our products.


How did Deepki use inbound marketing when other acquisition channels were at zero?

Deepki relies on their inbound marketing strategy. Discover how they automated their lead generation strategy using Plezi.

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How did IdexLab overhaul their inbound marketing strategy?

IdexLab restructured their marketing strategy and managed to reduce the time it takes to get qualified leads thanks to Plezi’s Smart Campaigns.

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How did Lemonway triple their lead generation in 6 months?

Lemonway put in place an inbound marketing strategy with Plezi, going way beyond their original marketing targets.

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Why do businesses use Plezi?

Every business has their own personal reasons for using our platform. Whether it’s to measure and promote content or saving marketers time to create inbound leads, the success of ur customers is truly a measure of our own.

traffic increase
in less than a year

increase in leads after
10 months of use

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