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Turn your site into a Lead Generator (without needing to be a web expert)

Don't let your web visitor leave your site anonymously. Find out how marketing automation can help you convert your visitors into qualified leads for your sales team.

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Use an all-in-one tool to transform your website visitors into qualified leads

All lead generation will lead to your site. But what if your site is not designed to convert visitors into leads?

For a truly effective lead generation strategy, it's essential to have the necessary elements to convert a visitor. Plezi gives you the keys to make landing pages, forms and calls to action, in a quick and easy way.

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5 steps to generate quality leads for your sales team


Plezi makes it easy to implement a lead generation strategy from scratch Our promise: save time for your marketing team and have a bigger impact on sales.

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📰  Get your marketing resources in one place

Whether it's guides, brochures, webinars or contact pages, centralise and categorise all your content marketing and sales assets. Get insights into the target market and buying cycle for each.

Don't have a lot of content? Plezi will guide you on what content your future buyer's want to see.

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💻  Generate conversions on your site

Easily create Landing Pages

Make conversion-ready Landing Pages to promote your events, premium content and services.

Our drag and drop editor and pre-built templates help you set up branded pages in minutes.

Set up customized forms
Create contacts forms, registration or content download forms in just a few clicks. Ask your prospects for the right information at the right time using our progressive fields.

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📩  Promote your key content and offers

Share content by e-mail
Engage your audience by sending them relevant and personalised emails. Our drag & drop editor allows you to create beautiful emails in a few clicks.

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🤝  Keep the discussion going with your leads

Schedule automatic responses 
Send automatic follow-up messages as soon as your prospects fill out a form to keep the discussion going, present them with new relevant content or simply reassure them that their request has been taken into account.

Send ready-to-buy leads to sales

Leads are 9x likely to buy if they are followed up in 5 minutes. Notify your sales team when a new qualified lead appears by integrating Plezi with your CRM.

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📈  Measure and analyse the performance of your lead generation strategy

Our reports help you identify the most effective channels and the quality of leads generated to make better strategic decisions.

Identify your successes and areas for improvement directly from Plezi. Create custom marketing reports and dashboards to track the metrics that matter to you, monitor your campaigns and share your results.

Dashboard & 1 page report in the digital marketing tool Plezi Starter

Don't let prospects wait!

Plezi easily integrates with your CRM so you have a quick and easy follow up with your leads.

Saleforce intégration avec le logiciel de marketing automation B2B Plezi
Hubspot intégration avec le logiciel de marketing automation B2B Plezi
Sellsy intégration avec le logiciel de marketing automation B2B Plezi
Pipedrive intégration avec le logiciel de marketing automation B2B Plezi
Microsoft Dynamics 365 intégration avec le logiciel de marketing automation B2B Plezi
Zoho intégration avec le logiciel de marketing automation B2B Plezi

Our customers generate an average of 256% leads with Plezi.

They tell it better:


“Our sales people appreciate the quality of the leads they receive, it's a huge time saver for them. With Plezi, we have the solution and the support teams along the way.”

Maxime MorenoOpen Bee


“Our sales people contact prospects more quickly, who are better identified. We call fewer people, because we target them much better. It's much less oppressive!”

Anatole PatyLes Grappes


“It's simple: since we started using Plezi, our results have exploded. The software and the teams have completely exceeded our expectations in terms of leads generated!”

Karine CoutinhoLemonway

Find out what Plezi can do for you

  • Fast implementation and results
  • A reactive support that will answer you in less than 5 minutes
  • A human support and a custom onboarding for all our customers
  • A solution that integrates easily with your other professional tools
  • A European player that guarantees that your data will be hosted in France and in full compliance with the RGPD

Find out why over 400 companies have chosen Plezi to generate leads and revenue by requesting a personalized demo of our platform.

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