Operational kits

Need help putting something in to place? Our kits are here to help. We share all the tools we create: calculations, models, examples, …

Kits opérationnels pour marketeurs B2B de Plezi
White Papers
Case studies
Smarketing kit
Use this template to help you set goals, predict revenue and to follow up on your sales and marketing targets. Get your sales and marketing in sync to get an accurate picture of how well your marketing is going.
Editorial planning kit
Use our kit to plan all your content. With an example for you to follow as well as several templates!
Marketing Budget Kit
Use our template to help calculate your own marketing budget. With an example for you to follow as well as a free model!
Lead nurturing ROI

Work out how much marketing automation costs. And if it is the best investment you can make?

The complete marketing persona kit

Our marketing persona kit helps you define who your audience are. A framework to help you create your personas, an example and template to make your own.