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About Plezi 

At Plezi, we believe that what makes the company’s strength is the team that supports it on a daily basis and the values it shares. Discover the history of the company and its teams here!

Founded in 2015 by Charles Dolisy and Renaud de Lacotte, Plezi is France’s first truly automated SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing automation solution!

Born of a previous adventure, the Plezi story began in 2015.

Charles Dolisy and Renaud De Lacotte were looking for a marketing automation solution to increase their number of leads and bring them to maturity. The proposed solutions were too complex to implement, with too many features and required too many resources. Unable to find a solution that met their expectations, they set about developing their ideal solution.
And that’s when Plezi was born!

Since then, Plezi has grown!

We now have over 400 corporate customers. Our latest round of funding enables us to accelerate our development in France and abroad. To do so, we are recruiting and structuring the team needed to support our growth, with priority given to the deployment of a UK marketing team. The next step will be to open the service in the United States!

What motivates us?

Existing automation solutions were automatic in name only, and required significant amount of resources. Scoring rules were too complex to define, and workflows too time-consuming to implement and maintain. In short, we wanted to generate more leads, qualify them better and support our growth, in a simple way. So we needed a pragmatic solution that could be deployed quickly.

Marketers need to spend time understanding their prospects and customers, and providing them with the right content. It’s hard to predict a prospect’s behavior in a scenario.

With Plezi, marketers put content at the heart of their strategy, and let our algorithms create a scenario for each prospect. No more wasted time, and intelligent scenarios at last!

And what about today?



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Our culture

At Plezi, we believe that what makes the company’s strength is the team that supports it on a daily basis and the values it shares.

Together to go even further 

A single person is nimble and capable of great individual achievements. But together, we can go where we could never have imagined going alone. The beauty is in what we build together.

Quick like  MacGyver

Aside from his incredible good looks, the reason we admire MacGyver is his resourcefulness. His ability to use what’s at hand to do great things. Be clever and tenacious.

Proud of what we achieve

Performance isn’t the only indicator that strikes a chord with us! We like to value the contribution of each member of the group, because in business, we never move forward alone.

Humains first

In a world where technology is taking up more and more space, it’s important to keep the human aspect at the heart of our approach. Whether employee or customer, at Plezi we’re not just numbers or tasks to be done!

Looking beyond the numbers

In life, we have the choice between doing things from the heart or simply out of necessity. Only one of these choices will bring you real pride in the long term: the choice to invest oneself fully, from the heart! Then we can only be proud of our achievement and want to put our signature on it.

The teams

Plezi’s strength lies in its team. Unique personalities but all driven by the same desire: to move forward together.

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Claire Kilic

Sales Manager

Charles Serbin


Emilie Gouasmi


Arnaud Belzacq-Paillassoux

Inside Sales

Matthias Parvaix

Inside Sales

Alexia Bachelier

Customer Success Manager

Larissa Powell

Customer Success Manager

Margaux Jouet

Customer Success Manager

Cécilia Testard

Customer Success Manager

Florent Esquerre

Support Manager

Andjie Pasquier Tabares

Customer Support Manager

Naissa Dioumessy

Customer Support Manager

Nikolaz Stacey

Customer Support Level 2

Adeline Lemercier

Marketing Manager

Benoit Collet

Growth Marketer

François Fabregoul

Brand Manager

Julia Levy

Communication Manager

Henri Groes

Acquisition Manager

Pierre James

Growth Marketer

Nicolas Kovacs

Site Reliability Engineer

Davy Keliny

Lead Developer

François-Anthony Navarro

Back-End Developer

Jérôme Lejeune

Back-End Developer

Clement Fleury

Lead Front & Scrum Master

Clarisse Jouassain

Product Owner

Yanis Guillard

Product Marketer

Charles Dolisy


Renaud De Lacotte


Marie-Caroline Martin

Happiness Manager



Mitch, the French marketing superhero who has conquered the world

Every year, the Plezi teams take their mascot Mitch to the four corners of the globe. Check out his vacation photos here!