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Created to work for you!

Founded in 2015 by Charles Dolisy and Renaud de Lacotte, Plezi develops and distributes a marketing automation software.

Plezi is the first marketing automation software that allows you to send the relevant content to your prospects based on their behaviour and without having to create a scenario: our algorithms do it for you.







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Our Story

Charles Dolisy and Renaud De Lacotte were looking for marketing automation software to increase their number of leads and bring their existing business to maturity.

Existing solutions were too complex to implement and required too many features and resources. As they didn’t find software that met their needs, they decided to develop their ideal tool.

And that’s how Plezi was born!

A story with many new chapters

Our motivation came from looking at existing automation solutions that were automatic in name only and required a lot of resources. In short, we wanted to generate more leads, to qualify them better and support our growth in a simple way.

Plezi now works with hundreds of businesses to automatically target millions of customers and drive them through the sales process with ease.

A marketer must spend time understanding his prospects and provide them with appropriate content. You can’t predict a prospect’s behaviour in a workflow as each of them has their own needs and is at a different stage of the buying process.

With Plezi, a marketer puts their content at the centre of their strategy and our algorithms create the best workflow for each one of your leads.

When we launched, and as a new business, we knew we had to give businesses confidence that our company, and our platform, was here for the long haul. We had to ensure people knew we were going to be around for them!

Our first fundraising campaign in 2016 created a solid and motivated team with the second campaign in 2019 allowed Plezi to grow even further. We go from strength to strenght.