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Generate qualified leads with a unique platform

Implementing an inbound marketing strategy can require multiple tools and resources. Plezi simplifies the process, putting you in control by allowing you to do it yourself, without the need of any technical knowledge.

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Attract More Visitors

Enhance your content with Plezi’s
publishing and promotion features
  • Design, manage and automate newsletters
  • Schedule and publish content to your social networks
  • Promote your site with emailing
  • Set up sponsored ads and measure their performance

Generate More Leads

Attract prospects online with
interesting and relevant content
  • Measure and promote content
  • Create optimised landing pages using “drag and drop”
  • Manage, collect and qualify contacts
  • Build smart campaigns that automatically personalise and segment your audience
Contact view in Plezi Marketing automation software
Contact view in Plezi Marketing automation software
Automation workflow by Plezi
Automation workflow by Plezi
Automation workflow by Plezi

Send Qualified Leads to your Salespeople

Ensure every lead collected online
is a hot prospect
  • Analyse each action from your prospects
  • Send relevant content and marketing automatically
  • Detect the buying phase of your prospects
  • Intelligently and automatically segment contacts

Align Marketing with Sales

Create a real connection between
your prospect teams
  • Understand your ROI and what actions and content generate business
  • Visualise the buying journey of every individual to understand their needs
  • Gain insight into all of your multi-channel interactions
  • Predict accurately the number of contacts at each stage of the buying cycle
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Easy to use, easy to integrate

Plezi makes it easy for you to synchronise with your CRM and your other favorite marketing and productivity tools.

Track and score your leads, create and manage content that works, improve conversion, nurture leads, automate your marketing.

Only one platform does all this. Book a demo and see how!