Generate qualified leads with a unique platform

Implementing an inbound marketing strategy requires multiple tools. Plezi allows you to do it yourself, without technical skills.


Attract more visitors

Get the most out of each of your content with Plezi’s publishing and promotion features:
  • Newsletters management and automation
  • Social network animation & promotion calendar
  • Publication on the social network of each employee

Do you want a boost?
Set up advertising campaigns and measure their performance.

Gestion des contenus B2B
Content Management
Animation des réseaux sociaux
Social media animation
Suivi des campagnes payantes
Advertising campaigns tracking
Newsletters automatiques
Automatic newsletters


Generate more leads

There is no magic formula to catch prospects online: you must offer interesting content.
  • Hosting and securing content
  • Creation of landing pages in “drag and drop”
  • Smart forms recognizing and adapting to each prospect
  • Progressive qualification of contacts

Is it really working?
Our customers multiply on average by three their number of leads in one year.

Gestion des contacts marketing et segmentation
Contacts management
Formulaires intelligents pour la qualification automatique des prospects
Smart Forms
Drag&Drop pour la création de landing pages et emails B2B
Landing pages “Drag & Drop”
Automatisation leadgen
Automated contact collection


Send qualified leads to salespeople

An email collected from the Web is not necessarily a hot prospect.
  • Analysis of each action that prospects do online
  • Sending content, newsletters and automatic engagement scenarios
  • Detecting the appetite of prospects for your offer and their progression in the purchase cycle
  • Intelligent and automatic segmentation of contacts

What about workflows in all this?
We also offer “classic workflows”, but our algorithm allows you to avoid this traditional method.

Lead scoring B2B
Lead Scoring
Workflows de marketing automation B2B
Lead nurturing grace aux campagnes intelligentes de Plezi
Smart campaigns
Synchronisation logiciel de marketing automation et du crm
Automatic synchronization with your CRM

Align marketing with sales

What is your return on investment?

Plezi analyzes the provenance of all your prospects and tells you which actions and contents generate business.

What interactions did each of your leads have?

Put a face on your visitors and stop analyzing numbers. Visualize buying journey and all the multichannel interaction you had with your prospects.

 How many contacts do you have at each stage of the purchase cycle? 

Know how to predict the number of contacts you will send next month to the sales team.


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