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Webinar: The three pillars of SEO and content marketing

We are looking at the three pillars of SEO in partnership with SEMrush for this webinar. By helping you to understand the three main things to consider when adding content to your site, we will help you boost your SEO and your web presence. We’ll be looking at the key ways search engines understand your website and content and give practical tips on how to improve your visibility and performance in Google. 

Webinar: How to create a strategic B2B content plan

In partnership with Lucy Heskins, (early-stage start-up marketing lead) we’ll be giving some real-life examples of how content can be used for your marketing. From how to understand your customers to how different content works for different business models and, above all, generating quality leads to boost your business.

Webinar: Predict the buying cycle for sales and marketing

Whether your strategy to attract more leads is inbound or outbound, it is important for you to be able to effectively predict the sales forecast.

Do you have an overview of how your marketing actions and spend actually affect sales? Can you keep track of the effectiveness of engagement once a lead has been given to sales?

In partnership for this webinar, Plezi and Ebsta discuss two separate routes to predict your future revenue: inbound marketing and outbound sales.

Webinar: Digital Marketing - short term vs. long term

In this webinar, we discuss the merits of short term and long term thinking for digital marketing. Practical tips on how to grow your brand and your business to take control of your B2B marketing strategy.

Webinar: Plezi Unchained: Stop using every guru tactic and market your way out of it

Here we discuss different actions you can take to make sure your marketing is effective, from evergreen techniques to the latest hacks, what works and what doesn’t. Practical advice for marketers who want to succeed through routine and best practice.

Webinar: The 3 key steps to get started in Inbound Marketing

Discover how to create content that is pertinent to your leads, ways to convert visitors into leads and what kind of results to expect!

Webinar: SEO and Inbound Marketing - how to build your brand

In this webinar, we will give you an introduction to SEO and Inbound Marketing. Practical tips to help you improve as well as a holistic approach to the two to generate more targeted traffic and to help define your brand