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Put your marketing campaigns on auto-pilot with Plezi, the B2B marketing automation software

Do you have more ideas than you've got time for? Then marketing automation is for you. Gain productivity, generate more conversions and a better return on investment while freeing up time to plan your next marketing campaign.

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Why switch to Marketing Automation?

As its name indicates, marketing automation means you can automate repetitive tasks: emails, alerts, transferring information, segmentation...

Beyond freeing up your time, marketing automation will also free up your prospects' budget, as you educate and engage your leads and convert them into customers more efficiently.

Gain up to 16 hours a week

Spend less time responding to prospects manually or on reporting and more time thinking about your next marketing campaign, future strategies and the optimal amount of sugar in your coffee

Generate quality leads

By educating your prospects on your offering, you'll be able to identify leads in your target market. Make the sales team really happy and pass them leads that are ready to buy.

Create a link with your audience

Treat each contact as if they were a good friend by personalising your communications and campaigns on a large scale. Contact them directly and send them content they will actually read.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks in a few clicks

Marketing professionals spend up to 16 hours a week on repetitive tasks. Gain productivity and insight by automating your lead management, email campaigns, reporting and many other tasks.

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Automatic messages

Start creating a direct engagement with leads after they fill out a form on your site. Be able to personalise your messages.


Analysis & Reporting

You cannot judge what you cannot measure. Our customers have been tracking and analysing the performance of their site, their campaigns and their content, for years.


Pass leads on to sales

Automatically alert your sales team on leads that need to be contacted and those that have become ready to buy thanks to your marketing.

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Engage your prospects by creating marketing workflows

Create and easily adjust specific emailing workflows based on your contacts profile and behaviour using our drag and drop editor.


Welcome workflows

Give your new subscribers a warm welcome by introducing your company, your brand, services and content.


Lead Nurturing workflows

Help your prospects in their decision making by sending the most relevant content according to interest and profile.


Event workflows

From an invitation, to reminders and the replay, automate all your communication for events and webinars.

Personalise your marketing effortlessly

While 73% of B2B buyers want a personalised experience, companies are seeing a large increase in revenue from segmented and personalised campaigns. Plezi means that you can automate personalisation at scale, turning every decision-maker into a customer.

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Personalised Emails

No need to know all your contacts personally, Plezi does it for you. Personalise your emailing by automatically integrating their first name, company or last read content.


Automatic Newsletters

Your newsletter will be able to automatically adapt to your prospect's interests thanks to our dynamic fields. Easily identify and personalise content.


Smart Campaigns

Plezi identifies the right content to send to your leads, based on what they have already consumed and what stage of the decision-making process they are. Target and identify quality leads more easily using our algorithms.

Integrate Plezi with all your Martech

Connect directly to the leading CRM's on the market and over 2000 business tools with Zapier integration. Create more advanced automation and put your marketing strategy on autopilot. Your only limit is your imagination.

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Our customers generate more than 256% leads with Plezi.

They tell it better than we do:


“With Plezi, we found a very easy to use product, with features adapted to our daily life that allow us to exceed our goals.”

Patricia ThieloisDigora


“Plezi sends each of our prospects or customers content appropriate to their phase of the buying tunnel. It generates MQLs for us much faster than workflows, that's for sure.”

Mathilde GinistyBudgetbox


“Plezi is easy and accessible, it's a true facilitator that allows us to deliver tailored content and feed our visitors with the content they really want.”

Frédéric DavidAlliance Connexion

Find out what Plezi ca do for you:

  • Fast implementation and results
  • A reactive support that will answer you in less than 5 minutes
  • A human support and a custom onboarding for all our customers
  • A solution that integrates easily with your other professional tools
  • A European player that guarantees that your data will be hosted in France and in full compliance with the RGPD

Find out why over 400 companies have chosen Plezi to generate leads and revenue by requesting a personalized demo of our platform.

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