The B2B marketing automation software
for smart marketers

Do you like to receive automated emails? Neither your leads.
Plezi software allows you to cultivate the curiosity of your leads,
while remaining human (and reducing sales cycles).

more traffic

by increasing the number of growth drivers on each acquisition channel

More leads

Double your conversion rates thanks to Plezi pages and forms

Your leads

and accelerate their purchase cycle by sending the right content at the right time

with your tools

to monitor the entire lifecycle of your leads and synchronize your data with your CRM

A unique platform for your inbound marketing actions

You don't have
time to waste!

Plezi facilitates the life of the marketer by providing him guidance with publication, promotion and automation of each one of his content.

Plezi software is not just a toolbox: it guides you through each operational action and shows you the next steps in order for you to only focus on producing outstanding content.

Stop trying to predict the sales cyle !

Manual workflows are obsolete: each lead has his own buying cycle.

Using Plezi is like having a marketer behind each one of your leads. Each automated workflow is unique and adapts in real time to your leads’ online actions to send them the most relevant content.

Switch from artisanal to automated,
without compromising the human part!

Plezi centralises all your content, contacts and tools, and enables you to capitalise on each marketing action to increase the results tenfold.

Check out the features

Discover how Plezi becomes the foundation for a successful marketing and sales alignment.


Your time is valuable!

Focus on your strengths: create lead generating content and campaigns! Plezi guides you in your actions and will increase their return on investment tenfold by automating what needs to be done.


Don’t go blind anymore!

Stop chasing after business and bring prospects to you on the web. Be ahead of your competitors in Google’s results with inbound marketing. Plezi allows you to link your marketing efforts to sales results.


Hot leads arrive directly in your CRM!

Two thirds of the lead sales cycle is done online. With Plezi, leads arrive yet qualified in your CRM, avoiding you the difficult prospection and placing you as a guide of the purchasing process.