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Case studies

Discover the best stories from our clients as well as the practical results from working with Plezi!

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Case studies
Inbound Marketing
Discover how Budgetbox increased quality leads and kept customer retention by using Plezi
With a 50% increase in quality leads, learn from BudgetBox’s Head of Marketing, how they found new clients and made sure that customer retention remained high through Plezi’s Smart Campaigns
Inbound Marketing
Find out how IdexLab overhauled their inbound marketing strategy and cut their sales cycle in half.

Find out how idexLab restructured their marketing strategy and managed to reduce the time it takes to get qualified leads thanks to Plezi’s Smart Campaigns.

Inbound Marketing
How Lemonway surpassed their marketing targets and tripled their lead generation in less than 6 months with Plezi!

Find out how Lemonway put in place an inbound marketing strategy with Plezi, going beyond their original marketing targets and proving that marketing automation can give a real ROI.

Inbound Marketing
Deepki's advice on how to take advantage of Inbound Marketing when other acquisition channels are at zero

Discover the strategies employed by Deepki and their 5 tips to continue to generate leads during a slow-down.