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Turn your prospects into clients, automatically

Speed up the sales cycle by educating your prospects in their buying decision through personalisation and automation. Discover how our marketing software helps you identify quality leads and gets them ready-to-buy

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Are you missing out on 80% of your opportunities!


It's estimated that 4 out of 5 marketing leads never become clients, because they are not yet ready to buy.

How do you handle these leads? Spam them with loads of sales messages to get them to buy or move on and concentrate on others?

There is a better way to turn those hard-earned leads into customers!

🤔 No one buys something on a whim in B2B

Make your leads aware of the problem you can solve and how efficiently you can do it. To do this, you need to create a long term relationship.

Without a lead nurturing strategy, you:

  • Lose potential clients
  • Give unqualified leads to sales
  • Generate less revenue: purchases from nurtured leads are 47% higher
Le logiciel de marketing automation B2B Plezi s'adapte à chacun de vos prospects, sans avoir besoin de scénario manuel
Le logiciel de marketing automation Plezi guide le marketeur dans sa stratégie d'inbound marketing

❌ Marketing workflows don't work

Each decision-maker has their own expectations and constraints. No single workflow will be able to address each of these.

You can try to create workflows for each profile, but it quickly becomes problematic:

  • Workflows take time and can quickly become out-of-date
  • You cannot know how effective they are for all possible behaviours

Personalize your messages to engage your prospects and do it in a truly automated way


Plezi's unique feature: the smart campaign.
Personalize and guide your prospects to sale by sending the right content at the right moment.

Step 1

📰 Centralise your marketing content

For each sales and marketing content, tag the target market and the stage of the buying cycle. Plezi will decide who to send it to.

Don't have a lot of content? Plezi can guide you on what content your prospects want to inspire your strategy.

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Étape 2

⏰ Speed up your prospects decision making

See how leads behave on your site and engage with your content to understand their interest.

Use our smart forms to best identify quality leads

Push them through the sales cycle with our lead scoring

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🤝 Transfer qualified leads to sales

Reduce the time it takes to turn your contacts into opportunities and improve the quality of leads sent to your sales team.

Automatically alert your sales team when there is someone who is ready-to-buy or needs to be contacted.

Always keep an eye on your conversion rates: from visitor to customer - you will know what is generating business.

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Lead Scoring

Progressive Profiling


Smart Lead Nurturing

Personalized Messages

Our customers generate an average of +256%  leads with Plezi.

They tell it better:


“Nurturing can seem like a real headache at first. But the promise of the Smart Campaign is truly fulfilled. 60% of our leads come from marketing and are more likely to become customers.”

Patricia ThieloisDigora


“It's simple: since we started using Plezi, our results have exploded. The software and the teams have completely exceeded our expectations in terms of leads generated!”

Karine CoutinhoLemonway


“With Smart Campaign, we know that Plezi will send each of our prospects or customers content appropriate to their phase of the buying tunnel. This generates MQLs for us much faster than workflows, for sure.”

Mathilde GinistyBudgetbox

Find out what Plezi can do for you

  • Fast implementation and results
  • A reactive support that will answer you in less than 5 minutes
  • A human support and a custom onboarding for all our customers
  • A solution that integrates easily with your other professional tools
  • A European player that guarantees that your data will be hosted in France and in full compliance with the RGPD

Find out why over 400 companies have chosen Plezi to generate leads and revenue by requesting a personalized demo of our platform.

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