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Turn marketing into a growth driver with Plezi

Develop your business and gain a competitive edge by improving the performance of your sales force.

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Why your competitors have launched their marketing automation strategy?

Commercial prospecting is no longer enough

Cold calling is more competitive than ever, and getting a prospect’s attention has become a real obstacle course. Only 21% of prospecting emails are opened, and it takes an average of 18 phone calls to contact a buyer.

Long sales cycles make income unpredictable

B2B sales cycles can extend over several weeks or months. The reason: the many players involved in the customer’s purchasing decision. A challenge that is unlikely to go away, given that 57% of salespeople have observed longer sales cycles since the COVID-19 crisis.

Tous les prospects marketing ne se valent pas

9 out of 10 Internet users who leave their contact details on your website are not ready to talk to a sales representative. Don’t miss out on 90% of your potential customers by engaging in a personalized marketing relationship with these prospects.

Why B2B executives love Plezi?

Send ready-to-buy leads to your sales force

Plezi detects the prospects most advanced in their buying cycle and automatically transfers them to sales staff with all the relevant information (needs, budget, path on the site, etc.).

Reduce your sales cycle

Marketing automation helps you to educate and maintain a relationship with all your prospects. With access to the right information at the right time, they make up their minds faster, and for a higher average shopping basket.

Outperform your competitors

In B2B, 78% of people buy from the first company that contacts them after a demo or contact request. Plezi helps you set up internal alerts and automatic responses, so you never let an interested prospect go to a competitor.

Plezi Engagement Workflow

Align your marketing and sales teams

87% of managers say that collaboration between sales and marketing leads to business growth. Synchronize Plezi with your CRM and create a fluid, transparent relationship between marketing and sales. Marketing leads are sent to sales teams in real time, making it easier to analyze marketing performance.

Increase your brand awareness

To support prospects in their purchasing decision, your marketing department will need to create content that will be shared on your blog, your social networks, and help develop your brand awareness. This regular exposure to your target audience will make all the difference when it comes to their decision.

What executives think of Plezi?

“We used to buy leads from business introducers, attend trade shows with low ROI, and waste our time prospecting. Marketing automation has changed our acquisition strategy: we've replaced prospecting with calls to pre-qualified leads. Our sales people are much more efficient.”

Philippe CavalliniCEO, Itis Commerce

“Plezi isn't a tool, it's a partner! It delivers results fast. We generated a large number of leads and immediately launched their lead nurturing strategy. Plezi is an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for multiple tools.”

Maud EpinetteCEO, WebConversion

“With Plezi, we were able to generate leads quickly, without having a lot of content online. It's amazing to have people come to you already knowing your business and your value proposition. When they contact you, they already want to work with you. In the business relationship, that's extremely pleasant.”

Mathieu LomazziCEO, Everest

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