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B2B sales: get prospects ready to buy

Imagine receiving qualified leads every day, with all the information you need to focus on what you do best: selling. With Plezi, it’s a reality!

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Why do B2B sales like Plezi?

Bring prospects to you

Instead of calling over-solicited prospects, let marketing bring them to you with an inbound marketing strategy. Marketing automation tools turn anonymous website visitors into identified prospects.

Focus on ready-to-buy contacts

Filtrez parmi tous vos prospects pour ne traiter qu’avec ceux qui sont réellement prêts à l’achat. Le marketing automation vous aide à détecter les leads dont le comportement témoigne d’une vraie intention d’achat.

Speed up decision-making

Educate your prospects by letting marketing send them regular content. A lead nurturing strategy will convince them that you’re the best solution to their problem and shorten your sales cycle.

Discover all your prospects’ secrets

Prepare your appointments based on your prospects’ contact sheets, containing complete information: budget, needs, timeline, sector, etc. Don’t waste time searching for this information. Don’t waste time searching for this information: progressive profiling and automatic enrichment do it for you.

Centralize marketing information in your CRM

Receive marketing leads in real time in your CRM, and track their progress by analyzing the path they take on your website and the content they consult.

Steal opportunities from your competitors

In B2B, 78% of people buy from the first company that contacts them after a request for a demo or contact. Set up internal alerts and automatic responses so you never let an interested prospect go to a competitor.

What sales think of Plezi?

“Our sales people appreciate the quality of the leads they receive, which saves them an enormous amount of time. With Plezi, we've had the solution and the teams to support us every step of the way.”

Maxime MorenoOpenBee

“Our sales people contact prospects more quickly, as they are better identified. Conversely, we call fewer people, because we target them much better. It's much less oppressive!”

Anatole PatyLes Grappes

“Today, 50% of our warm leads come directly from a contact request on the site. Our sales reps no longer have to go cold calling!”

Thomas ChazotNOVRH

Sales’ favorite features

Qualify your contacts according to their interactions with your content and your site.


Receive real-time notifications of your prospects’ important actions.

Find all the information and history of each prospect from their contact sheet.

Exchange the right information about your leads with marketing.

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