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Digital Marketing Agencies: Boost customer acquisition and retention with Plezi

Generate new opportunities, impress your existing customers and support their growth with our B2B marketing automation solution.

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Why you need marketing automation?

Automation is a necessity today

According to Ad Age, agency growth is the slowest since 2010, with the exception of those offering digital marketing services. These agencies have achieved a 7-fold increase in sales thanks to marketing automation, which helps their clients to create new revenue streams and provide them with irrefutable proof of their results.

Your customers expect ever more convincing results

Your customers need proof to understand the impact of your work. But gathering the necessary figures and analyses and presenting them in a concise and convincing way takes time you can’t spend generating those results.

A difficult balance between customer acquisition and retention

Agency life is tough. Everything is due for today (or even yesterday) and your competitors are trying to sell themselves for less than you. Your teams are so busy managing your existing clients that marketing your own agency often comes last. Marketing automation helps you grow your revenues and your agency.

Why agencies love Plezi?

Prove the impact of your work

It’s important to know which marketing actions are generating revenue and which are failing. It’s even more important to be able to prove that these results are yours. Plezi helps you demonstrate your impact with customizable dashboards and reporting.

Accompany your customers beyond their expectations

Marketing automation is a service that you can fully manage for your customers (and that many agencies don’t yet offer). You can help your customers define the strategy behind the automation, create their email templates, landing pages and workflows, or manage their campaigns and reporting.

All these services, plus the investment in the initial learning curve, make it difficult for customers to switch agencies.

Turn your visitors into prospects

Thanks to progressive forms and landing pages optimized to capture your visitors’ information, you can collect valuable information about your potential customers and offer them personalized pitches.

Benefit from recurring, predictable income

Marketing automation is a necessity for the majority of customers, who often struggle to master the technology or don’t know how or where to personalize. All this gives you the opportunity to make your agency a go-to resource for marketing automation and digital marketing.

What’s more, you benefit from more predictable customer acquisition thanks to a lead nurturing program that helps you shorten the decision-making process for new customers.

Outperform your competitors

Instead of selling tools to your customers, provide the resources needed to achieve results for your customers, and outperform your competitors by using tools they don’t know about.

Automate prospect and customer follow-up

Automatically track your prospects after they’ve filled in a form or taken an action on your site. Receive alerts on a variety of signals such as an interaction on your site, an email, a status change in the CRM, and much more. Automate your response to every situation with ease.

What agencies say about Plezi

“Plezi n'est pas un outil, c'est un partenaire ! Il permet d’obtenir rapidement des rĂ©sultats. Nous avons gĂ©nĂ©rĂ© une grande quantitĂ© de leads et enclenchĂ© dans la foulĂ©e leur stratĂ©gie de lead nurturing. Plezi est une solution tout-en-un qui Ă©vite de multiplier les outils.”

Maud EpinetteWebConversion

“Nous voulions une solution qui puisse s’adapter aux besoins de nos clients, aux possibilitĂ©s larges et pouvant, quelle que soit leur maturitĂ©, les accompagner sur le long-terme et les aider Ă  booster leur visibilitĂ©. Nos clients ont des contenus ou veulent en crĂ©er, et avec Plezi nous leur prĂ©sentons une
solution leur permettant de mettre en valeur ces contenus au quotidien.”

Elaine GoldfarbAgence Churchill

“Nous voulions vraiment faire du marketing Ă  la fois un levier d’acquisition
de prospects chauds et de rĂ©tention de contrats. La Campagne Intelligente de Plezi nous gĂ©nère des prospects beaucoup plus rapidement que les workflows, c’est sĂ»r. Mais c’est surtout pour continuer Ă  prendre soin de nos clients que l’on voit son utilitĂ©. Nous devons rester visibles et leur apporter de la valeur en continu pour qu’ils ne nous oublient pas !””

Mathilde GinistyBudget Box

The features agencies prefer

Create personalized newsletters for each of your contacts.


Enrich your prospects’ profiles with progressive fields.

Ordinateur page web

Build landing pages designed to convert your visitors.

Write and send personalized e-mails that reflect your brand.

Qualify your contacts according to their interactions with your content and your site.


Create automated paths with the visual scenario editor.

Automatically send the most relevant content to each contact.

Exchange the right information about your prospects and customers with your sales force.

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