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Founded in 2015 by Charles Dolisy and Renaud de Lacotte, Plezi is a SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing automation solution. Plezi allows you to generate qualified prospects.

Plezi is an innovator – the first marketing automation solution which allows you to send relevant content to your prospects according to their behavior.

“The idea to create Plezi came from
our wonderful easiware adventure”

The implementation of a content strategy as a new channel acquisition led to 800% growth in their first 5 years of activity.

The easiest way to tell you about our great adventure is to share with you the different steps that brought us to transform our website into a fabulous lead generation tool.

“We moved forward step by step. The more progress we made, the more important it became to implement a solution to help us automate a certain number of tasks and to have an analytical vision of the way our content would generate leads.

Our motivations

We examined different solutions, but none of them corresponded to the way we saw things. Marketing automation tools were only automatic in name. The definition of scoring rules was overwhelmingly complex. In short, we wanted to generate more leads and better quality them in order to support our growth. We needed a simple, pragmatic, and fast-to-deploy solution.

A tool that was finally adapted to our needs


Boosted by our experience and convinced that existing solutions did not entirely meet our needs, we mobilized a group of experts and took the time to design and develop what would become the super powers of Plezi, which distinguish it from other market solutions.

After a lot of work and time spent with our first users,

here is Plezi !

Charles Dolisy


Renaud de Lacotte

Hectic Co-Fonder

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