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Lead nurturing for B2B marketers: best practice to identify quality leads

Watch the replay of our webinar where we discuss what lead nurturing is, some good examples from our customers and how we do it at Plezi!

Lead nurturing: lots of people throw the phrase around, but what is it exactly? And what will it do for your business? How do you set it up? And is it a technique that is right for you?

Find out in this webinar:

  • Best practice from Nabila: the mouthpiece of our customers – we’ll tell you what the most common issues are
  • Plezi’s experience from John: putting in place a lead nurturing strategy at Plezi meant 60% more customers

Questions asked during the webinar (and our responses)

Is lead nurturing not just an appendage to the full customer journey?

Lead nurturing is absolutely part of a normal customer journey. The important thing to remember is that marketing can play a role in that. So rather than just sending any old lead over to your salespeople, nurturing is a way of identifying quality leads, with high-quality content relevant to your target market needs and being able to push those leads through the buying cycle. In a less salesy way, it is also a way of adding credibility to your voice, by giving a sense of your brand and your expertise.

You mentioned that you automate your newsletter content - is this through Plezi's own platform or a different email/CRM system?

Our newsletter is automated through Plezi. It means that we can have dynamic content added to it in any format we want. Whether that is the last new pieces of content, or by theme relevant to certain leads. It means that our newsletters are basically ready-to-go and we merely have to write a short introduction to get them out.

How often you upload new fresh content?

We try to post one blog article a week, one white paper or guide a quarter, a new template or kit each quarter and one webinar a month. There is no hard and fast rule to how much content you upload onto your site, the most important thing is to do it consistently. On top of this, it is important to think about how useful that content is, what purpose it will serve and will it speak to your customers.

So, Smart campaigns tags each prospect with a status and accessed content, and then selects content from a relevant pool as part of the next workflow step? Does it also combine website analytics? Pages visited and time spent on site?

That is exactly what the Smart Campaign does. In terms of analytics – the Smart Campaign will show you what content is working or not, open and click rate and also where you are lacking content in each stage of the buying cycle.┬á In order to access information on pages visited and time spent on the site, you need to look at the contact form.

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