What resources are necessary to implement a marketing automation solution ?

What resources are necessary to implement a marketing automation solution ?

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With marketing automation, you will multiply the efficiency of your clients’ digital strategy. Do you recall? 451% of additionally qualified leads. But if you want to reach this level of super-ROIism, you must develop their powers ahead of time. Here is a checklist of indispensable pre-requisites to the success of a marketing automation strategy..

01. Well-defined buyer personas

Marketing automation’s commitment is to provide the right content to the  right person at the right time. The right person is a person that you have defined, otherwise known as the client segments you are targeting. Before being able to take advantage of the benefits of a marketing automation solution, first learn how to build your personas. Who are they? What do they do? What do they want? What is their purchasing path? Keep in mind that there is no marketing automation without a previously segmented database.

02. Quality content

For your marketing automation to succeed, you must have good content available. But how can you recognize good content?
– It responds to your personas’ challenges
– It provides an adapted response for each step in the purchase cycle

For each of your personas, design sequences that respond to their pain points along the entire timeline of their purchasing cycle. Also consider varying their formats (articles, whitepapers, webinars…). Then, when you are automating, you won’t have any gaps to close. You will always have content available for every scenario.

03. A site tailored for inbound marketing

Just as it is indispensable to have a “library” of content covering all the stages of client journeys, it is also indispensable to have a site tailored for inbound marketing. In order for your strategy to generate leads, you must design your websites for this purpose. Your calls-to- action and your landing pages must be thought out for conversions. Marketing automation will boost your leads’ qualification and conversion. Ensure ahead of time that you will generate a sufficient number of workable contacts.

04. Strong synergies between the marketing and sales teams

Marketing automation allows you to generate more qualified leads and increase conversions. This tool bridges the gap between the marketing and sales teams. At first sight, the logic is the following:

– upstream, the planning of client journeys and the creation of related content
– downstream, the treatment of prospects by the sales team
– in the middle, inbound marketing and marketing automation

In reality, it’s neither this simple nor this linear. Your inbound marketing strategy’s success will come from constant interaction between marketing and sales:

– to build marketing personas
– to find new content ideas
– to precisely determine the point where a qualified lead becomes a sales prospect

Coordination between the teams must therefore be optimal and continue throughout the entire process. Instead of a relay where the person who passes the baton stops running, your team should function like a Formula 1 team. The salespeople cross the finish line, but the entire team is working towards success. All stakeholders must keep in mind what should be desired from interactions initiated by marketing and who should be the subject of sales contact.

Marketing automation offers sharing tools, but before putting these into place, these synergies must be encouraged by a business culture founded on lateral communication.

Do you already have an inbound marketing strategy that is effective and adapted to client journeys? Marketing and sales teams that work on good terms? Are you generating a significant number of leads? Is it time to move up a gear? Do you want to know more about our marketing automation solutions ? Contact us

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