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Kickstart your B2B marketing strategy with our marketing automation tool!

Sign up to Plezi and get the first three months for free!*

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It is more essential than ever for B2B companies, to engage with your online traffic and offer purpose-driven content that will engage your leads.

Plezi software isn’t just a toolbox: it guides you through each marketing action and shows the next step so you can focus purely on producing outstanding content.

Plezi: one tool for all your marketing needs, one tool to get new business!  

Simply sign up (really? why wait!) and get three months for free. Yep, for free!
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What's Plezi?

Plezi is a B2B marketing automation software which aides you at every step of your marketing strategy: from traffic generation to lead conversion creating new business opportunities.

  • 256% more leads generated
  • 70% more traffic
  • 97% satisfied users
  • Support for up to two months to set up the tool

Continue to generate new business with a real digital strategy:

  • Lead nurturing: create the best workflows or use Plezi’s very own Smart Campaigns to automatically send the right content, to the right people, at the right time!
  • Content management: from creating landing pages to promoting your content through email campaigns, social media or sponsored ads, we do it all!
  • And so much more time-saving tools: forms, smart newsletter, reportings, CTA, contact management!
*Offer limited to Plezi’s Iron subscription, including 1000 contacts, for new clients in the United Kingdom from the 1st to 31st of March 2021 only