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Plezi One

Turn your website into a lead-generating machine, even if you are not an expert marketer

Generate your first customers through marketing with a simple, free tool designed for growing B2B companies.

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Generate leads from your website
and use behavioral data to sell

Forget about basic form submission and “contacts”. Plezi tells you where leads come from, what they do on your website, and when they return.

  • Create, publish, and automate forms in a few minutes
  • Track and understand your leads with analytics
  • Take advantage of your existing materials
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1 page report with Plezi One

1 page report to easily understand how you perform online

Get insights week after week on how you perform, with stats to prove it. No need for a dictionary: we keep everything simple.

  • Automatic dashboards from traffic to leads
  • Top content & SEO rankings
  • Applicable data that doesn’t need translation

You don’t need to spend more money.
Start with your website.

Manage your content

E-books, webinars, brochures: give them the audience they deserve. Upload, publish, and promote your content all from one place.

Never let a lead slip away

Get to know your people. Ask them exactly what you want and watch your conversion rates soar with our automated forms.

Make SEO work for you

Don’t spend too much time trying to become an SEO expert. We get the data, and translate it into something you can use to get better.

Know your content. Know your people.

Get to know what makes your prospects tick. Their favourite content, where they found you, what they are looking for: you’ll know your leads in no time.

…And we’ve only just started.

They talk about Plezi One

marketing week

“This is exactly what Plezi One is for – transform your site into a lead machine. No need to concentrate your efforts on outbound. No need to spend money on ads for new business.”

logo digital journal

“Plezi One has chosen to focus on the data that is essential to understanding the performance of your site, rather than dwelling on confusing and dispensable metrics. It’s a great way for a manager to get to grips with digital marketing!”

london loves business

“Plezi One goes against the grain of overly complex (and often underutilised) solutions by offering a fluid experience for a tool that is at the heart of a company’s marketing strategy.”

martech series logo

“This free and intuitive tool allows companies to boost the amount of prospects generated through their website and helps them understand their marketing performance. All this, without needing any technical skills!”

How it works:


Ask to become a testor

It's 100% free, without engagement. You'll get on a waiting list and we'll contact you immediately when we have new seats.

Create your account and set up Plezi

Installing Plezi is easy: just copy paste a small code to your website, or use our WordPress Plugin, and connect your Google Search Console in a click.

Publish forms and contents

Publish new forms, ebooks, webinars in a few clicks, and finally see where your leads come from and what they do online. You'll get all your leads and reports directly into your email inbox.

Questions & Answers

What are the prerequisites for the beta?

You need your website to be on WordPress and have Google Search Console activated on it.

Do I have to pay for beta?

No. To ensure a rapidly evolving product, we value your time and will ask you for constant feedback. The more you contribute, the more rewards you’ll get.

How does the “waiting list” work?

When subscribing to the beta, you’ll be placed on the waiting list. We have limited seats and want you to get the maximum value from the product. Every week, we’ll release new seats.

How to generate more leads online?

To get more leads, you need good content combined with forms to collect leads and you need to understand what is going on your website. Plezi brings both.

What differences with analytics tools?

Plezi’s focus is on the data that matters most for your business. Plezi enriches your leads and content with useful insights. Additionally, you’ll be able to leverage your contents and contacts, create and automate your forms: your first step into “marketing automation”.

How is it related to other Plezi products?

Plezi already has a “Stark” and an “Iron” version: we are marketing automation game changers. However we see many B2B companies struggling with digital marketing and wanting to initiate a real marketing machine. This Plezi One version is for them.

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160 Kemp House, City Road
London, EC1V 2NX


Plezi is a startup created in 2015 located in London and Paris developing the future of marketing automation tools. Plezi has already changed the way B2B companies nurture leads with its smart campaigns, and now wants to help every company on its first step to the digital world with this freemium product.

  • 40 employees all over the world
  • 400 companies using our paying products