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Don't miss out on 80% of your leads

Educate all your prospects by sending them content relevant to their interests and buying phase. And all of this, automatically.


🤔 Why do lead nurturing?

On average, 80% of leads generated by companies never become customers, as they are not yet ready to buy. Lead nurturing allows you to maintain contact with all these people and create a relationship of trust, by gradually educating your contacts.

And this long-term strategy pays off, as nurtured leads spend an average of 47% more than other leads.

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🚀 Move your leads along the buying journey

Every prospect follows a different buying cycle. Automatically send them the right email at the right time with Plezi’s Smart Campaign and move them along the buyer’s journey with lead scoring.

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👌 Qualify your leads

Learn more about your leads as they return to your site with progressive profiling. Personalize and enrich your contacts’ records with information that is important to you while maintaining a high conversion rate.

📧 Create impactful emails

For your content, your campaigns or your newsletters, create emails that fit your brand image. Personalize your messages according to your contacts’ information, such as their first name, their interests or their sector.

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🤓 Identify your blind spots

Detect missing content in your nurturing strategy with automatic analysis of your contact base. Plan your editorial strategy accordingly to ensure you reach and convert all your leads.

Why companies choose Plezi

Every business has its own reasons for using our platform, whether it’s to measure and promote content, save marketing time or generate leads.

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“Plezi makes daily life easier, especially if you are doing the marketing on your own. Every morning, my first habit is to open my mailbox and Plezi in order to see my results.”

Emilie KerebelTALENCO

“Plezi is easy and accessible, it's a real help. It allows you to send customized content and feed your visitors with the content they really want. With Plezi we have a solid and good relationship with transparency and simplicity.”


“Plezi is a tool structured for implementing inbound marketing. The tool provides both the marketer and management with a quick and synthetic overview of their traffic, lead generation and various inbound KPIs.”

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