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Increase your efficiency with the Marketing Automation tool for busy B2B marketers

Automate your marketing in a few clicks with Plezi, the marketing automation tool designed for busy and less tech-savvy marketers.

✅   Attract more traffic by delivering your content efficiently.

✅   Generate qualified leads by doubling your conversion rates with landing pages and smart forms.

✅   Convert your leads into customers and accelerate their buying cycle by sending the right content at the right time.

✅    Save valuable time by automating many marketing tasks so you can focus on the essentials.

👉   Find out why over 400 companies have chosen Plezi to generate leads and revenue by requesting a personalized demo of our platform.

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Automating your marketing has never been easier.


Attract visitors

Email Marketing
Social Media

Collect leads

Landing Pages
Content Marketing

Generate new clients

Lead Nurturing
Lead Scoring
Marketing Workflows

Measure your results

Real-time reporting
CRM integrations
Contact analysis

🧘‍♀️ Save valuable time

Marketing professionals spend an average of 16 hours a week on repetitive tasks. With Plezi, gain productivity by automating your lead management, email campaigns, reporting and many other tasks.

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Contact view in Plezi Marketing automation software

🤝 Turn your contacts into customers

80% of your leads will never become customers if you don’t take the time to educate them. With Plezi, automatically engage all your prospects until they swear by you.

🎨 Optimize your campaigns

No one likes to receive mass emails. Target your contacts according to their interests and their buying phase to send them the right content at the right time in a personalized way.

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Discover a complete marketing automation solution

Qualify your contacts according to their interactions with your content and your site.


Create automated journeys with a visual scenario editor.

Automatically send the most relevant content to each contact.

Exchange the right information about your leads with your sales team.

Create personalized newsletters for each of your contacts.


Enrich your prospects’ profiles with progressive fields.

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Build landing pages designed to convert your visitors.

Write and send personalized emails that reflect your brand.

Why companies choose Plezi

Every business has its own reasons for using our platform, whether it’s to measure and promote content, save marketing time or generate leads.

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in less than a year

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“Plezi makes daily life easier, especially if you are doing the marketing on your own. Every morning, my first habit is to open my mailbox and Plezi in order to see my results.”

Emilie KerebelTALENCO

“Plezi is easy and accessible, it's a real help. It allows you to send customized content and feed your visitors with the content they really want. With Plezi we have a solid and good relationship with transparency and simplicity.”


“Plezi is a tool structured for implementing inbound marketing. The tool provides both the marketer and management with a quick and synthetic overview of their traffic, lead generation and various inbound KPIs.”

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