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Webinar Replay: How Lemonway tripled their inbound marketing leads.

Learn first hand how to set up a successful marketing strategy. Watch the replay of our webinar to learn how Lemonway set-up their inbound marketing strategy to achieve incredible results

  • 50% more traffic
  • x3 more leads
  • 65% of new clients from marketing leads

Discover how Lemonway created their amazing results through their inbound marketing and by using Plezi!

Lemonway is a pan-European payment solution for marketplaces and crowdfunding. A fintech solution available in 29 countries, their target customers are C-suite CEO’s, CTO’s and CFO’s… sometimes quite hard to get hold of.

So how did they manage to engage with people who are time-sensitive and what steps did they put in place to action their marketing plan?

With Plezi, they defined their goal:

  • to better identify and address their target market
  • to better qualify leads
  • to see an ROI from inbound marketing

Learn how Lemonway met and exceeded these goals and gain practical advice as they take you through the entirety of the inbound marketing strategy.

Questions asked during the webinar (and our responses)

What was the most important piece of content that made a difference to your lead generation?

The one that sky-rocketed everything was the first white paper they published. It worked very well and they spent a lot of time getting it right. The second huge source was webinars. And that is still the case. People talk about webinar fatigue, but that is not the case for Lemonway’s audience. If they pick the right title and content, people are very interested. It is also an evergreen piece of content, because it continues to create leads for them after it has been done.

You can see more about webinars on and also

Did you promote content to improve traffic to your site?

At first Lemonway had a website that was only a showcase website. Meaning that it was only speaking about the product. In order to become more competitive was to create valuable content and help prospects solve an issue. It is this that made them different to their competitors. This started with persona’s, understanding pain points. The content was then pushed out through social media and with mailing. After that it was a gradual growth.

Does having a blog through Plezi directly improve your SEO?

Lemonway’s blog is run through WordPress, like the rest of the site. The website and the blog are linked to Plezi. This means Lemonway can track all the traffic and conversions. It means that Plezi can tell Lemonway which content is working best, what is getting the most visits and giving hints on what to do in the future for their content plan. In terms of SEO, Plezi will not go into detail┬á – that is not what it is for – but it will say what is performing best in terms of traffic and where that traffic is coming from.

Is Plezi, your CRM and emailing all connected?

Yes, the CRM and Plezi are connected so there is an alignment between marketing and sales. In order for Lemonway to send their emailing campaigns, they need everything to speak to each other. Plezi is used specifically as a nurturing tool, which is to send messages to prospects who have entered the site in order to get them ready to buy. Lemonway even send some messages with Mailchimp, for example, to those leads outside of this segmentation.

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