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Salesforce + Plezi: the winning combination to increase your turnover

Watch the replay of our webinar where we discuss how to align your marketing and sales by synchronising Plezi and Salesforce.

Do you already have a CRM that helps your sales and marketing teams work together, but you’re still not getting the results? Are you looking to align the two teams better?

At Plezi, we were having the same problem and synchronising Salesforce and Plezi meant a big increase in the effectiveness of our sales.

In this webinar, find out how we put our sales and marketing alignment in place and best practice to synch your CRM and marketing automation in order to increase your turnover.

Questions asked during the webinar (and our responses)

Is the configuration the same if you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

All CRM’s have their own specificities and functionalities that are unique to them. However, the theory behind this webinar, which is about creating clear and common rules for sales and marketing, and then being able to follow that with data, holds true. If you are able to analyse what is working for you in terms of marketing, how to create an MQL, how to qualify it with sales and to follow it to a sale is a really good way to help you work, analyse and improve. What is more, Plezi does have a bidirectional interface with Dynamics.

Does Plezi get MQL's that are not within their target market?

Because our marketing has a lot of content which is about marketing – we will always get a fair share of people engaging with our site, who are not within our target market (students, new marketers without the ability to buy). We put certain rules in place, particularly with company emails, job position etc on our forms in order to identify this. Each business model will have its own different people they want to speak to and Plezi can be used to identify who those people are.

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