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Align your sales and marketing teams with Plezi & HubSpot CRM integration

Measure your return on investment and help your sales team prioritize actions and build more meaningful relationships by synchronizing your Hubspot CRM and Plezi marketing automation software. 

Hubspot CRM is a free contact management tool for all types of businesses.

Its functionalities can be used by sales, marketing, customer service and management to centralize data in a single tool.

  • Dashboard and pipeline management
  • Transaction and prospect tracking
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Live chat
  • Notifications and e-mail tracking
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Easy implementation

Why connect Plezi and HubSpot CRM?

Thanks to our bidirectional integration, changes made in either tool are automatically synchronized in the other. In real time, your sales and marketing teams have access to fully updated lead profiles.

Qualify your prospects with marketing data


Automatically send contacts generated in Plezi to HubSpot CRM. Collect data from every interaction with web users, qualify prospects and create relevant offers that are more likely to convert.

Make sure your HubSpot data is always up to date


Save your sales force time by automatically changing the stage of your HubSpot CRM transactions when prospect data is updated.

Create personalized experiences for your contacts


Create relevant, personalized experiences based on your prospects’ actions. Trigger automated scenarios in Plezi when a HubSpot contact field matches a specific property.

Want to integrate Plezi with your HubSpot CRM?

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Examples of possible optimizations

    • Identify the right mature prospects to start guiding them through an immersive customer journey.
    • Evaluate your prospects according to their characteristics to determine their intent and the right time for effective contact.
    • Update your marketing contacts’ information in real time to enable relevant segmentation of your database.


    • Attribute revenues to campaigns and channels (SEO, advertising, social media…) to accurately measure your return on investment.


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