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Align your marketing and sales teams by connecting Plezi & Salesforce

Reduce your sales cycle and make life easier for your sales reps by synchronizing the Plezi marketing automation tool with Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce is the world leader in CRM software, offering integrated customer relationship management solutions. The tool has already been adopted by nearly 100,000 companies worldwide.

With its 100% cloud-based products, accessible at any time by sales teams, Salesforce is both a flexible and powerful tool, enabling you to manage contacts and opportunities and boost your sales efficiency.

Learn more about Salesforce
  • Overview of your customers
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Create customized reports and dashboards
  • Easier sales collaboration
  • Sales performance management
  • Approvals and workflows
  • E-mail integration
  • Support for SMEs every step of the way.
  • Enterprise-wide data protection.
  • Access to your CRM on mobile.
  • RGPD-compliant platform, with training resources facilitating yourcompliance.
  • Training on tools and their implementation.

Why connect Plezi and Salesforce?

Thanks to our bi-directional integration, changes made in either tool are automatically synchronized in the other. In real time, your sales and marketing teams have access to fully updated lead profiles.

Share information with sales staff


Automatically transmit updated lead information (email opened, content consulted, etc.) to your sales teams, so they have the relevant data to close the sale.

Generate new opportunities


Send leads from Plezi to Salesforce based on their scoring to help your sales reps prioritize their efforts.

Track the performance of your marketing campaigns


Share a prospect’s sales information from Salesforce to Plezi to enable marketing teams to better assess the impact of their actions and set up lead nurturing actions.

Want to integrate Plezi with your Salesforce CRM?

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Examples of possible optimizations

  • Stay on top of sales activity and remain responsive by tracking the number of MQLs generated, the origins of these MQLs and the appointments resulting from contacts generated by marketing and by acquisition channel.
  • Follow your leads’ journeys in a unified way, from their first steps on your site right through to the sale.
  • Know how many customers are generated by marketing (in general and by channel) thanks to information collected via Plezi, such as medium or source.
  • Predict your marketing revenues by tracking how many contacts were closed, resulted in an opportunity or were signed.


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