Focus on producing remarkable content,
Plezi will take care of its delivery.

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You produce remarkable content

At Plezi, we think a marketing manager’s
greatest value is in perfectly understanding
their clients and how to help them.

Their role is thus to produce remarkable content
which will be able to convince their future clients that their company
is the best partner to assist them.

  • Marketing manager
  • In the industry
  • Discover marketing automation
  • Marketing Director
  • With a software publisher
  • In the process of comparing different marketing solutions
  • Sales Director
  • In search of a solution for generate leads for sales
Plezi is responsible for communicating at the best time with qualified content
and with the goal of building a personalized relationship with your future clients.

Plezi understands the interests and intentions of your visitors and automatically builds the engagement scenario that is best adapted to their maturity in order to reduce the length of the sales cycle.

With auto-learning algorithms, Plezi automates lead generation scenario creation and makes them reliable. Systematic analysis of past data shows us the probability that an interested visitor could become a client is 80% if we offer a certain document in due time, then another, then another. The system automatically assigns this path to the contact and adapts it according to their behavior and according to new content you are producing.

These different evolutions are opening a truly automated B2B marketing era, using the most abundant available resources – data – to seek more relevance and added value for two parties: for the company, which makes its lead generation processes and lead quality more reliable; and for B2B buyers, who are supported and nurtured in a non-intrusive manner at every step of the process, making much better informed purchasing decisions.

Why use a marketing automation
solution ?


of Marketing Automation solution
users see their number of
leads increase

(VB Insight “Marketing Automation,
how to make the right buying decision” (2015)


of companies using Automated
Marketing see an increase
in their conversion rates

(VB Insight “Marketing Automation,
how to make the right buying decision” (2015)

Are you convinced ?