Plezi is the first intelligent Marketing Automation
solution that puts your content at the center of your
  • Consolidate and manage all your content on one platform.

Our super power? Returning your content to the core of your strategy and helping you understand your future clients’ expectations.


All your content is indexed by processed
subjects and addressed targets. You can simply identify
all the content associated with one of your targets.


Whether it’s blog articles, white papers, events,
or videos, Plezi allows you to have a clear view
of all your content.

Be supported

Plezi will help you follow best practices for marketing
and will alert you if you have not yet published
or promoted content and will draw your attention to content
that you can better exploit.


Plezi will let you know how many meetings and
new leads have been generated by your content. You
simply identify the themes
that are the most
successful and that generate the most contacts.

  • More than a simple tool to automatically send campaigns, Plezi allows you to create all the elements you need to promote your content.

Our super power? Without a single line of code, Plezi lets you create responsive emails, attractive landing pages, and dynamic forms to improve your conversion rates

Email creation

Create your emails simply, design your own templates to save time and increase efficiency. Use smart fields to personalize each of your emails.

Form creation

Create forms with personalized smart fields that adapt to the information you have on your prospects.

Landing pages creation

Create simple and personalized attractive landing pages for all your marketing campaigns.

  • Increase the number of visitors to your web site by promoting content on all your digital channels.

Our super power ? From a single platform, promote your content on all your channels to reach your target and generate more traffic and leads.

Social networks

Create simple and personalized attractive landing pages for all your marketing campaigns.

Email campaigns

Target the most relevant contacts and send them a simple, personalized email.

Sponsorised links

Create links to promote your content in your sponsored campaigns, and track their data with Plezi.


Create intelligent CTAs. Plezi will deliver the most relevant content to your website visitors.

  • Qualify your contacts according to the content they view, and simply track their progress to have visibility on the entire conversion tunnel.

Our super power ? Using information on your prospects’ behavior in order to offer targeted content and improve your conversion rates.


Create lists according to the profiles and behavior of your prospects and send personalized emails.

Lead Scoring

Simply define scoring rules to rapidly identify your hottest leads. And identify your visitors’ rate of engagement according to the content they have viewed.

Lead Management

Automatically send leads to sales as soon as they are hot. Don’t lose time sending leads and all the information your sales team needs to close the sale.

Lead Tracking

Plezi registers the paths of visitors to your site (known or anonymous) and identifies the main interests of your prospects.

  • Establish a real relationship with prospects that are not yet mature, and send them quality content that will help them develop their thinking.

Our super power ? Create remarkable content and Plezi will automatically build engagement scenarios that are best adapted to each of your prospects.


Managing a newsletter is often very time-consuming: creating the emails, selecting themes, routing…
Truly automated and 100% personalized. Plezi allows you to create engaging newsletters that will finally interest your prospects.
You create your template and select the goal and frequency of your newsletter. With each send, Plezi takes care of choosing the adapted content for each of your contacts.

Drip Marketing

Simply launch a series of emails based on the behavior of your contacts (subscription to a service, to an event…).

Smart campaigns

In a few clicks, create an automatic scenario to help your customers in their thinking.
Your role: you redirect towards your knowledge.
Plezi takes care of the rest. Our algorithm carefully selects your content according to:
the interests of your clients
their stage in the purchasing process

  • From your content to your campaigns, measure the performance of each of your marketing actions to permanently improve your conversions.

Our super power ? Giving you global visibility over all your marketing figures.


Identify the content that generates the most interest in your prospects.


Identify the most high-performing channels that generate the most leads.


Analyze the results of your campaigns: receipts, openings, clicks, and unsubscribes…


Follow your key figures: visits, leads, and clients And finally have clear visibility on the conversion tunnel.

Are you convinced ?