Plezi’s strength lies in its team
of superheroes, who are all very different but animated
by the same desire: to move forward together.


At Plezi, we believe that what makes our employees genuine Super
they are not their super powers but their super personalities.
The Plezi Team is a happy mix of varied profiles but mostly common values.

Machines are omnipresent in our daily lives, and it is easy to lose sight of our soul. How to remind ourselves that nothing replaces human warmth? Between partners, and with clients. To not become a ticket number, a task to be completed, an employee number. We don’t have the answer, but we do our best to not forget the people surrounding us and to try everything to bridge the gaps.

We are people centered

What are you most proud of in your life? Let me guess, it probably has something to do with achieving a goal. Of course, no one likes being the last in the class. But we take into account contributions as much as performances.
The difference? Performance is a personal indicator, whereas contribution is a group value. We help each person develop themselves in their desired fields by aligning their goals with those of the team.

We Are Also impact Driven

Rushed by our thoughts and daily tasks, it can be more and more difficult to find the time to simply…relax. Even if it takes 8 hours a day of work, might as well do it in comfort! This is even more true when things are not going well. Easier said than done…
Breathe 😉

Relax harder, Beach !

Man is incredible, capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. A single person is flexible, each one of us is an individually capable being. But the sum of all these capable people allows us to go farther than we could imagine if we were alone. The beauty lies in what we build together.

Alone Go Fast, Together Go Far

Not all of our tasks are fun. The ethics are in being proud of a job well-done. Even for the most mundane tasks. Such as clearing the table after lunch, or signing a new client. When things aren’t going well, two solutions are available to us: find a scapegoat, or take control of the situation. In the short term, it’s easier to blame external factors. Everyone must take responsibility for their choices, in failure or in success !

Would you sign your name on it?

It’s easy to talk about oneself. To brag. But you already know our stories. Why not take the opposite attitude? Start by listening to other people’s stories. Ask questions, take into account their opinions, and question yourself. Know when to admit your are wrong and when to grow.

We Are Listeners First and Foremost

Other than his incredible beauty, the reason we admire MacGyver is for his resourcefulness. His ability to use whatever is on hand to accomplish great things. To be clever and persistent.

Be like macgyver

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